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Ever wished for instant access to a work expert who could provide guidance, advice, and hands-on help when you need it most? All that and more is possible with Wrike’s professional services

They’re our brilliant team of in-house consultants who are on hand to help customers optimize Wrike to boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and deliver valuable, real-world return on investment. 

Whether you’re based in Dubai or Dallas, working with finance or pharmaceuticals, on a team of 20 or 20,000, our professional services can help transform the way you work. Depending on your needs, they can partner with you to accelerate results, streamline processes, and drive adoption with a proven change management framework. How do they do this? By harnessing the power of Wrike Lightspeed, the most intuitive, versatile, and scalable work management platform on the market. 

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A focus on efficiency

Efficiency is one of the main reasons why Wrike professional services are called in to help organizations of every size. It’s been recognized by everyone from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Google CEO Sundar Pichai as a key factor in surviving and thriving in these unpredictable times. 

To investigate this, Wrike commissioned a groundbreaking 2023 Efficiency Report, which canvassed more than 1,000 business leaders and 2,000 knowledge workers across the UK and US. The research found that 77% of organizations are prioritizing efficiency this year, with 82% of leaders feeling that investing in new project management and work management solutions is the most effective way to improve efficiency. 

Of course, they don’t just mean any old project management or work management solution. They mean one that can tackle the six main causes of inefficiency within an organization, as detailed in the report:

  1. Poor communication and collaboration across organizations
  2. Time wasted on activities like meetings and duplicate work
  3. Poorly designed or outdated processes
  4. Ineffective use of technology
  5. Too many projects and a lack of prioritization
  6. Lack of alignment on organizational goals

Wrike can address each of these challenges, simultaneously streamlining processes, cutting out wasted time, and aligning strategy with execution. What’s more, it can do this all from one AI-driven platform that unites multiple tools, capabilities, and integrations. That means a reduced tech stack, lowered tech costs, and a significant increase in organization-wide efficiency.

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One fully configurable platform

The Wrike professional services team regularly finds themselves helping organizations in a wide variety of fields and industries. They serve teams at every stage of development:

  • Starting: They can provide practical advice and direction on workspace design, change management, custom training, and data migrations.
  • Optimizing: Experts in tapping into added value, they can refine and evolve workspaces to optimize processes and build out key integrations.
  • Scaling: When you’re ready to grow, they’ll be there to help you reach new heights with analytics services, custom engagements, and ongoing consulting.

This broad range of tasks means that Wrike professional services need a comprehensive work management system that allows them to drop into multiple markets and assist varying industries.

Their job got a lot easier last year with the introduction of Wrike Lightspeed, the newest and fastest iteration of the world’s most powerful project management platform. It empowers the team to help design dedicated space configurations, with specific folders, projects, and tasks that organize their work and collect it into a single source of truth

They can also streamline intakes, using customizable request forms to make sure that new work is requested in the easiest and most efficient way, with all the information needed to get going fast.  Workflows can be automated and repetitive tasks blueprinted to create a seamless end-to-end process that minimizes roadblocks, maximizes efficiency, and accelerates delivery. 

No matter where our customers are based or how far their teams are distributed, Wrike Lightspeed’s collaboration features make communication a dream. Both internal and external colleagues can live-comment, edit in real time, and even cross-tag each other in multiple tasks and projects, connecting and illuminating work in seconds.

The biggest benefit to the professional services team is Wrike Lightspeed’s versatility. The platform’s exceptional customization capabilities mean that they can both design their own workspace to manage their unique projects while adapting their customers’ processes to perfectly match their way of working. The Wrike platform can easily be configured to reflect unique business processes, organizational requirements, and language or labeling style. Custom item types mean that customers aren’t limited to standard projects and tasks — they can build any type of document or work item they like, from creative briefs to candidate profiles and more. 

An accelerated journey

Wrike Lightspeed heralded many key improvements that combine to create the most efficient user experience yet. These include:

  • New views: Gaining complete visibility over your operations is crucial to avoiding the costly “Dark Matter of Work.” With Wrike Lightspeed, you can choose whatever view suits you, including a powerfully fast Table view that enables multiple mass actions for any item type and a brand-new Chart view that helps you slice and dice data in seconds (without the need for advanced analytics tools).  
  • Fun and fresh interface: Wrike’s form is just as good as its functionality, which means a new and improved interface that’s a joy to use every day. ​​It’s intuitive and easy to navigate, making it the simplest solution for busy teams who need to learn new technology, onboard new hires, and hit the ground running.
  • Faster processing: Who has time to wait for pages to load? Wrike Lightspeed is our fastest iteration yet, delivering rapid processing and unrivaled uptime. Together with its advanced features, it can offer customers 45% faster project delivery, putting you comfortably ahead of the competition.

All of these advancements combine to create an optimum work environment, one that’s used by both Wrike professional services and the company’s 2.4m customers worldwide. It can instantly accelerate and streamline your work, cutting email by 90% and meetings by 70%. Its cutting-edge AI advancements and time-saving automations effortlessly expedite tasks, generate content, enhance communication, and streamline workflows. In an era of unprecedented pressures, all this can make the difference between success and failure for companies.

If you’d like to better understand how Wrike Lightspeed can revolutionize the way you work, watch our short video overview here. You’ll get to see firsthand how this one solution combines speed, style, and substance so your teams can do their best work yet.

Are you among the 52% of leaders who believe that without innovation they will not survive a recession? Or perhaps, like one in two organizations, you’re planning on getting more out of existing solutions? If so, Wrike professional services may be exactly what you need. They can help a little or a lot, depending on what you need. Either way, the effect is always transformative. If you’d like to learn more about what they do and how they do it, get in touch by filling out a simple form here or reaching out to your account team.

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