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Improve Department Visibility With Cross-Tagging

Cross-tagging in Wrike enables teams to view tasks in context of their unique projects, as well as wider company initiatives.

cross taggingcross tagging


Cross-tag at every level

Categorize your company’s entire workload with Wrike. Use our cross-tagging feature across tasks, subtasks, folders, milestones, phases, and projects.

How cross-tagging benefits every company

Wrike’s cross-tagging feature can increase transparency and communication across teams, departments, and organizations.

<h5>Improved asset management</h5>
Improved asset management

Manage multiple campaigns across various production stages with ease. Designers and marketers can access campaign assets within their respective workflows simply by cross-tagging their work.

<h5>Better team connectivity</h5>
Better team connectivity

When it comes to interdepartmental efforts, you need to receive critical updates from each team. Add agenda items to a shared list to discuss in daily standups or review separately.

<h5>Enhanced project visibility</h5>
Enhanced project visibility

Wrike users can tag a task in multiple places to ensure it is fully visible. For PMOs who want to view all components of a launch plan, cross-tagging saves time without sacrificing clarity.

Customer success stories



increase in communication



hours saved over three years



less time spent planning

“Being able to create custom tags at a micro level is really important because you can search for something and find it easily in Wrike.”

“Wrike kept everything organized and transparent, so it was always very easy to see the status … because of the tagging feature we were able to keep things moving very quickly.”

Start cross-tagging with these templates

Other features for cross-functional teams

Take a tour of Wrike’s powerful project management platform and explore alternative features to help you manage tasks and enhance your organizational skills.

Gantt charts

View your entire project timeline at a glance with Gantt charts. Use our simple drag-and-drop interface to create dependencies, add milestones, and adjust deadlines.

Kanban boards

Empower Agile teams with shared Kanban boards. Organize tasks by due date and track their progress as they move through various stages.

Visual proofing

Streamline feedback with all-in-one proofing software. Add comments directly to assets, @mention team members, and keep a detailed record of file versions.

<p><span>Why wait? Try Wrike today for free</span></p>

Why wait? Try Wrike today for free

Cross-tagging is just one of Wrike’s many innovative features. Explore more with a two-week trial — no credit card required.

<p><span>Why wait? Try Wrike today for free</span></p>