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Welcome to the Professional Services Guide by Wrike

Professional business services, also known as professional services organizations, face unique challenges and circumstances that require unique considerations. Accountants, lawyers, IT consultants, and architects are all examples of industries that are considered part of the business and professional services sector.

Barring a few exceptions, the world of business and professional services is largely about selling expertise, rather than a physical product. That expertise often helps other businesses grow and remain compliant (with tax, legal, and other requirements). That’s why the needs of these professionals can differ vastly from those in manufacturing or hospitality, for example.

Project management tools for professional services simplify essential processes like billing, time tracking, resource management, and project planning. Professional services automation also helps firms cut down on non-billable work, which can boost employee utilization and productivity. 

In this professional services guide, we’ll break down some of the most important aspects to consider when running a professional services business — from billing and time tracking to professional services project management and profitability. We’ll also explain different types of contracts, how efficiency in the aforementioned areas can improve client management, and why professional services project management software is a must-have for teams of any size. 

Read our full professional services guide and visit the Wrike blog for more resources and guidance on how to make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. 

What's in the Professional Services Guide

<h5>Professional Services Basics</h5>
Professional Services Basics
<h5>Client Management and Retention</h5>
Client Management and Retention
<h5>Project Definition</h5>
Project Definition
<h5>Resource Planning</h5>
Resource Planning
<h5>The Ultimate Guide to Capacity Planning</h5>
The Ultimate Guide to Capacity Planning
<h5>Project Visibility</h5>
Project Visibility
<h5>Billing for Projects</h5>
Billing for Projects
<h5>Project Profitability</h5>
Project Profitability
<h5>Professional Services Software For Project Management</h5>
Professional Services Software For Project Management
<h5>A Guide to Time Tracking for Consultants and Professional Services</h5>
A Guide to Time Tracking for Consultants and Professional Services